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Who am I? 

I’m obsessed with designing games, and have been for about 15 years. I dream about them. Three things for which I’m known in the game world:

1. Winning the Concours International de Créateurs de Jeux de Société in 2007 (it’s a prestigious international game design competition).

2. Being a finalist in the 1000 Year Game Design Challenge in 2012 (another popular design competition).

3. Inventing the 100 Play Challenge.

Want me to review a game for Kickstarter?

With growing traffic, I’m getting requests to promote Kickstarter games. I’ve turned them all down so far. I’d love to do reviews for Kickstarter but only under certain conditions:

1. I get to write a full review, not a preview. This means you need to contact me and get a review copy in my hands at least a month before your campaign starts. I need to both play it a bunch and then write about it. If I choose to review your game, I’ll put serious work into it. It’s important each of my posts be as good as I can possibly make it (however good that may be). It takes me 6-8 hours to write each. I can’t promise the review will be positive.

2. I’m most likely to review your game if it’s a 2-player game with simple rules, or a party game, because those are my bread and butter. To help you decide if I’m the right reviewer, see how I rate various games here.

As of April 2014, each of my posts gets between 1000-8000 organic visits in the first couple of days, and then 1-20 per day in perpetuity thereafter. The site overall is averaging 205 organic visits per day for 2014 (and rising).

Drop me an email: nickobento [at] gmail [.] com

Want to guest post?

There’s not much great writing about table games on the internet. I want to see more of it and I’m therefore interested in presenting guest posts from folks who share that desire.  If you love great writing and have something useful to say about games, contact me and let’s talk.

Send a brief description of your proposed post to the email above, or if the post is already composed, send the whole thing. It’s ok if the post is self-promotional in some way (e.g. you’re promoting a game you designed – but if it is, it had better be both amazing and intellectually honest). Also, it should not already be posted anywhere else on the web. Also also, I get to edit it.

So far I haven’t let anyone guest post, but I want to. If I do post your article, I’ll apply my usual outreach strategy for it, to ensure it gets an audience.

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