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New Game Idea: King’s Assassin

July 6, 2010

In my quest to design the perfect abstract game, I sometimes modify existing perfectish games to try to make them perfecter.  I just came up with a really cool (according to me) idea regarding how to modify Quoridor, one of the World’s Greatest Abstract Games (TM), to double its awesomeness. The idea is to concoct a cross between Chess and Quoridor, as follows:

The game is for 2 players only and played with a Quoridor set.  All 4 pawns provided with the set are needed.

  1. Each player has two pieces: one King and one Assassin
  2. The goal of the game is no longer to reach the opponent’s back row, but instead to reach the opponent’s King with your own Assassin.
  3. As in Quoridor, on each turn you must choose between placing a wall and moving your Assassin one space vertically or horizontally.
  4. On any turn in which you choose to place a wall, you must also move your King one space vertically or horizontally.  You may place a wall and move your King in any order.
  5. After you have placed all your walls, your King may no longer move.
  6. You can never place a wall such that there are no paths between your opponent’s Assassin and your own King.
  7. The “jumping” rules should be the same as for 4-player standard Quoridor.
  8. Optional: (recommended by expert game designer Bill Taylor: allow an unlimited number of walls per side, rather than just the 10/side that come with the physical game.  Leads to deeper, longer games.

I don’t know what the starting positions of King’s and Pawns should be.


I’ve not tested these rules, so there may need to be modified to make a workable game, but I *think* this should work.


I like this because now, instead of trying to reach any of a set of unmoving squares, you’re giving chase.  Your target occupies a single space and it’s moving, ducking behind walls, and you’ve got to corner it as quickly as possible.  Cat and Mouse and whatnot.


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  1. David Estall permalink

    This is a great idea. Have you playtested this variant yet?

  2. Nick Bentley permalink

    I have played it, and enjoyed it greatly. However it is considerably harder to grok compared to regular quoridor, and your mileage may vary depending how confused you like being (at least at first)

  3. Quinn Swanger permalink

    Awesome idea Nick.! I hope you don’t mind, but I cross-posted this page on BGG. Also, I thought of a couple extra ways to make your awesome idea even awesomer:

  4. Nick Bentley permalink

    Cool!  Thanks!  Good idea regarding initial placement.

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